A Delivery Guy Charged With Assault After Attacking Customer Who To Long To Pick Order

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A delivery rider has been charged with assault for attacking a customer for allegedly taking his time to collect a delivery. 

Willis Lwande was charged at Kibera Law Courts on Friday for assaulting one Hamza Abdirahman on May 29, 2022, in Nairobi’s Lavington estate. Lwande however denied the charges.

Resident Magistrate Jaqueline Onjwang heard that on the date of the incident, Abdirahman had ordered food from the on-demand courier service which Lwande was tasked with delivering. 

Lwande arrived at the pick-up location and notified Abdirahman to come collect his order to which he complied. He however arrived 10 minutes after Lwande.

Irked by the delayed response, Lwande castigated Abdirahman and the verbal altercation soon turned physical when the rider allegedly hit the customer with his phone on the face injuring him below the left eye.

Abdirahman, who was bleeding at the time, went back into the compound prompting security guards at the gate to arrest Lwande. 

Security held the suspect until he was picked up by detectives from Muthangari Police Station while Abdirahman was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was treated and discharged.  

Onjwang released Lwande on a Ksh.100,000 bond and an alternative cash bail of Ksh.50,000.

The case’s pre-trial has been set for June 29 when the court will determine its hearing dates.. 

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