Stop Judging Us, We Have Nothing Against You, Wajackoyah To Churches

Roots Party presidential candidate George Wajackoyah has urged the clergy to stop demonizing him and his running mate Justina Wamae for their plan to legalize marijuana if they win the State House in August.

Prof. Wajackoyah dismissed criticism from some church leaders who he said were critical of his plans as president, calling it “pretense,” arguing that the church had been receiving proceeds of corruption as contributions.

“Let them find out why they accept money every Sunday which has come from evil and they don’t condemn it. Let some of these pastors not be judgemental because God will judge them very very harshly,” said Wajackoyah on Citizen TV’s JKL program on Wednesday.

The Roots Party leader, who has been vocal in his support for legalizing marijuana and commercializing the drug for medicinal purposes, has stated that he has nothing against the church and that he himself is a prayerful person.

Some Christians, he claims, have been brainwashed by rogue preachers who do not correctly interpret the Bible.

“We don’t have a problem with the church. The church is ganging up against me telling me I’m ruining their children. Let me tell them to go back to the Bible and read it very correctly. They should find out why Israel, where God came from, has never abolished hemp,” he said.

Added the presidential hopeful: “I’m praying, because I’m a prayerful person who loves God, that we get elected and enable Kenyans put food on the table and build churches, and that the only communication they have between them and God is that Bible or Quran so that somebody can pray to God personally instead of being victimized by these so-called pastors, some of them.”

Ms. Wamae on her part even directed Kenyans to read some Bible excerpts which she argues form the basis of her and Wajackoyah’s stance on marijuana.

“Let them read Genesis 1:12, and Ezekiel 34 and 29; it is there that herb that God gave Israelites when they were in slavery to give them food and status, it is there so please read  your Bible,” she said.

Should the duo win the presidential race in August, they have also promised that their government will cash in on the lucrative anti-venom market by farming poisonous snakes and extracting toxins from them that will enable the country to locally manufacture antidotes for export.

Wajackoyah has in the past stated that he is prepared to counter perceived resistance that his unique proposals would evoke among some of the country’s residents.

“This is the only chance Kenyans have to change this country because we are only four aspirants, and it’s only me and Justina that have the real concerns of Kenyans. But if they want to follow someone who is giving them money, fine,” he said on Wednesday.

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