Embakasi: Woman Found Dead In Her Home After Allegedly Fasting For Three Weeks


Police in Embakasi are investigating a bizarre incident in which an elderly woman lost her life after supposedly fasting for almost three weeks.  

According to police, Catherine Mutuku Kibara,78, was found dead at her home in Nyayo Estate on Monday after a long spell of prayer and fasting which apparently started on May 18, 2022.

Police arrived at the aforementioned conclusion after finding a register detailing Kibara’s fasting schedule at the scene of crime. 

Detectives are of the opinion that the woman died from starvation, but an autopsy will be conducted on Kibara to determine the exact cause of death. She is reported to have locked herself in the house for the entirety of the said period. 

Police have not ruled out the possibility that the victim might have passed away much earlier than when her body was discovered. 

The victim’s kin broke into Kibara’s house on Monday after efforts to reach her via mobile phone proved unsuccessful. Despite living alone, Kibara’s family says that the victim always kept in touch with her relatives. 

Kibara’s silence in the past three weeks even prompted her family to report her as missing. 

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