Kiambu: Robbery Suspect Saved By Police From Being Lynched


Paul Gaitho, 26, is reported to have snatched two mobile phones from unsuspecting victims in company of his accomplice, and sped off with their getaway motorbike.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the victims raised alarm prompting a chase by boda boda riders who were at the premise.

“So when they heard a loud bellow from a man groaning Wezi! Wezi! punctuated by a deep Uuuuui! Uuuuui! Mutindeithie! (help me), they roared their beasts to life and one after another, gave chase after the thugs, who sped past their shed on a motorbike,” read a DCI statement.

The duo, after a 300 meter chase, ditched their motorbike and opted to flee into the nearby bushes when the angry mob caught up to Gaitho.

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