2011 Toyota Prius Review

Toyota Prius: Compact, Stylish, and Environment-Friendly

Many people don’t know that Toyota sold 18000 cars in December 1997. Toyota Prius was the first mass-produced petrol-electric hybrid vehicle in the world of cars. The scenario changed after this. With a Toyota Prius 2011 review, one can check its efficient electric power, light throttle input, and other essential features. The 5 year struggle and hard work of the company is remarkable. The struggle was to create a vehicle with low emission. The company took this step to do something different for the car lovers.

Most of the people believe that the hybrid vehicle concept came from Toyota. Many didn’t know that Toyota was not responsible to introduce this concept. From 1898 Electric motor and internal combustion engine are a part of these cars. This brand was the first to overcome technical and engineering issues among many others.

The primary issue was the need to increase the longevity of a high-voltage to match with the rest of the car’s components. Toyota has created a revolutionary hybrid system, whose mechanical components easily fits within an engine of regular size.

Toyota Prius Facts

A stimulated Atkinson combustion cycle is run to increase the efficiency of the fuel in vehicles. The hybrid system of Prius has a four-cylinder 1.4-liter NZ series engine. A powerful nickel-metal battery pack is the final component of the system. This component was rested behind the back seats.

The basics and principles of the first generation Toyota Prius were carefully designed. Toyota Motor Corporation follows these basic principles to manufacture every vehicle now.

More About Prius!

Toyota hybrid is the first manifestation of a crucial platform. These cars are even inspiring other . Toyota connects the world with latest technology in a traditional shape. The traditional steel body structure along with new technology is what makes these cars special.

The introduction of every generation of Toyota was to reduce the CO2 emissions. The challenge is to make it friendly to environment. The users can expect it to continue in the fourth car generation as well.

Some Toyota Prius 2011 review
Look for Toyota Prius 2011 review

Toyota has different range of cars and everyone likes this hybrid car technology. Toyota Prius is a trailblazer for gaining economic stability in future. A few other car makers are trying to create gasoline-hybrid technologies. Toyota is famous for releasing this, with its Prius version in 2011. This model is super sleek and smart. The 1998 model had a hybrid system besides having a first generation processor in  this model.

Toyota Prius 2011 Review: Exterior

The beautiful design of Prius 2011 has exclusive and impressive features. It has a rear spoiler body with alloy wheels and full wheel covers. The glass has variable wipers and rear defogger to keep you safe in the bad weather.

It’s exteriors has following features:

Door touch-sensor lock/unlock,

Halogen headlights,

Heated exterior mirrors and power-adjustable mirrors,

Hybrid blue-accented emblem decoration,

LED taillights exterior decoration

The stunning exteriors allows users to enjoy a comfortable drive. This advanced version of Toyota Prius is worth buying at any time of the day. It even has powerful looks and superb comfort. This model of Toyota justifies its exterior looks and provides ease and comfort to the user.

Toyota Prius 2011 Review: Interior

Detailed Toyota Prius 2011 review
Toyota Prius 2011 review and its internal parts

The users can experience modifies features in 2011 model . Don’t loose this opportunity of buying Toyota Prius 2011 sale

60/40-spilled folding rear bench seat,

Front control box with lid,

Floor console,

Digital and analog instrumentation,

Driver’s seat lumbar assistance,

Heated front seat,

Eco drive monitor and more.

The interiors of the car are worth watching. It features power rack and pinion steering. The drive in the car is easy and comfortable.

Storage Capacity

Beneficial Toyota Prius 2011 review
Toyota Prius 2011 review and its capacity

Toyota Prius offers 21.7 cubic feet space with the rear seat up. 60/40 spilled rear seat increases its capacity to multiple levels. More space inside the car ensures a better journey, when you are on long drives. Users even appreciate the decent storage capacity of this Toyota model.

Toyota Prius 2011 Review: Accessories

You can comfortably enjoy your journey with the automatic temperature control system. CD/MP3/ WMA player with 6 speakers are there to make the journey entertaining. The experts have positive Toyota Prius 2011 review about the accessories.

This modes allows comfort and convenience for all the users. The users always love to drive in this car of Toyota. Here is what it includes:

Roof mounted antenna,

Passengers and drivers footwell lamp,

Illuminated vanity mirror on the driver side,

Remote fuel-filler release of the door,

Smart door lock key system with front passenger door handle touch sensor lock/unlock,

Interior air filter,

12-volt power outlets – 2,

Auto-dimming rear view mirror (day/night),

Tilt and telescopic steering wheel

The accessories of the car are worth the notice. The car has energy monitor one of the biggest attractions for all those who are concerned about fuel efficiency. A multi-function display (MFD) locates the energy flowing from and to the engine battery along with disclosing vehicle’s braking system and battery levels.

 The digital gauges displays the speed, engine RPMs, and other stats. They are located exactly on the top of the vehicle’s dashboard.

Toyota Prius 2011 Review: Operation

Toyota Prius 2011 review by consumers
Sure shot Toyota Prius 2011 review


With a Toyota Prius review, you will be sure that this car is dissimilar to many other hybrid cars of its league. Known as a series-parallel hybrid, it has a unique combination of hybrid engines. The power split device connects the gearbox to gasoline engine generator and electric motor together .

The engine of the third generation has transformed from 1.5 to 1.8 litres. This gives a quick and smart boost to the horsepower from 110 to 160. This is an important factor for all those who are are aware of the weakness of hybrid cars.

Even charging is easy, as its generator supplies power to the battery. It has a 60-kilowatt electric motor, which produces 105 pound-feet of torque. This  exceeds the Honda 123 pound-feet of torque.

The fuel economy of Prius is amazing.  If you have Toyota Prius 2011 sale, you are lucky. The owners of this car easily select one out of the three driving modes – normal, eco, and power. The EV mode turns off the gasoline engine after it has charged up the battery. It is available only at 25 mph or less.

Safety Features

Prius ensures proper safety of the user. The owner sits secure in the car, as it anti-lock brakes, 40wheel disc and advanced breaks are there to help. The drive becomes safer with the front airbag and side knee airbag. It keeps the seat safe with child seat anchor and rear door safety locks. It is easy to park your car with smart parking assistance. The pre collision system even provides protection against the collision. It even contains front and rear air bag, along with 4-wheel ABS, 4-wheel disc brakes, and traction control.

Toyota Prius 2011 Review: Specs

Consumer Toyota Prius 2011 review
Toyota Prius 2011 review by verified users


Curb Weight1380 kg
Fuel Tank Capacity45 L
Front Headroom973 mm
Length4460 mm
Height1480 mm
Width1745 mm
Rear Legroom914 mm
Rear Headroom955 mm
Gross Vehicle Weight1805 kg
Cargo Capacity445 L

Engine And Transmission

Engine1.8L L4 DOHC 16 value & electric motor
Fuel Consumption4.0 (automatic highway)3.7 (automatic city)
TransmissionVariable transmission (continuous)
WarrantiesPower train 100000/km, 96/MonthsRust through Unlimited/km, 60/MonthsEmissions 130000/km, 96/Months

Suspension And Steering

Front SuspensionIndependent Suspension
Rear SuspensionTorsion Bar
Power SteeringPower rack and opinion steering
Wheel Type15” alloy wheel along with covers
Wheel LocksYes
Tire Pressure Monitoring SystemYes
Spare TireCompact


Know about Toyota Prius 2011 review
Toyota Prius 2011 review and specification

There are several reasons why you should take this car home. Its multi-engine power has a gasoline engine that supports the powerful electric engine. This Toyota Prius 2011 review is helpful for all, especially the first time buyers of Toyota.

This is not true. Its components have easy replacement and lasts even for years. The proper maintenance of the cars helps it in lasting longer. To keep the car in good condition, Toyota suggests oil changes after every 5,000 miles. Its car review acclaims that the brakes last long when you are using it with care. Hard push on the brake may affect its performance slowly. The battery reliability and replacement costs of this vehicle will never worry you.

With advantages come a few drawbacks as well. One must keep these drawbacks in mind to make your car run for years. The first issue is the rising gas price which makes everyone think about buying it. Many sees this as increase in the total cost of the car. Another issue is low mileage. So, people may not go for this car if they are looking for high mileage. Driving Prius at 50 miles per hour, therefore, on highways is not a good decision.  You can expect a decent mileage from this car. Don’t forget these points, next time the Toyota Prius 2011 sale happens.


2011 Toyota Prius i-Tech Auto$44,590
2011 Toyota Prius Auto$40,590

All the three generations have energy monitor which makes these vehicles popular. The car has some amazing features, which makes it more likable to buyers. Toyota has always aimed at developing some superior cars. And, this has been achieved to a certain extent. The US government mandated an increase in average fuel economy up to 24 miles per gallon by the end of 2020. Toyota was far ahead of the milestone many years ago. This Toyota Prius 2011 review is a must read for all.

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