Kilimanjaro Restaurant On Fire For Racial Discrimination 

Kilimanjaro Restaurant PHOTO|COURTESY

After the Alchemist Bar racism allegations blew up online, a Facebook user named Gladly Nelly also went online to accuse a renown City restaurant of subjecting her to racial discrimination at the restaurant.

Kilimanjaro Restaurant, one of the most visited restaurants in the CBD, suddenly became the flashpoint of racism allegations after the Kimathi-Street outlet was accused of treating an Arab family with racial preference over a black woman.

Gladly Nelly went on the Facebook group Wanderlust Diaries to narrate her ordeal at the restaurant claiming that, on the 29th of May, 2022, waiters at the restaurant forcibly removed her from her seat – at the balcony – and assigned the same seat to an Arab family that had just walked in.

Nelly claimed that, even though she had already sat and made an order, a different waiter walked over to her asking her to seat elsewhere as a man of Arab descent had expressed interest in her seat.

The table was Number 69 – strategically placed at the balcony, overlooking the street below and with fresh air breezing in.

After a little protest, Nelly proceeded to leave the seat as the Arab man, with his four-year old in tow, sat instead.

After her post went viral, attracting thousands of virulent comments, Kilimanjaro put out a statement of their own accusing Nelly of taking too much time at the same restaurant the previous day (May 28th) and also claimed that the table had actually been reserved for the Arab man and his family.

“Gladly Nelly came back (the following day) and of all the tables that were available she moved to the one clearly marked ‘RESERVED’ and pushed the tag to the far end of the table. On this particular day, the table was reserved to a family of four (of Arab descent) who had called for reservation in advance and had the table booked for them. Noting this, our waiter politely asked ‘Gladly Nelly’ to move to the nearest table…” part of the statement went.

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