Pope Francis: Even Priests And Nuns Watch Porn

Pope Francis has cautioned nuns and priests about the dangers of online porn.

Last week, during a question-and-answer session at the Vatican, His Holiness was asked how social media and digital technology should be used.

The Pope acknowledged that pornography was a very common temptation that “weakens the priestly heart.”

It’s a vice that so many people, including priests and nuns, as well as laymen and women, have, he remarked.

“I tell you, it weakens the soul, in my opinion. It impairs one’s soul. The devil comes in from there and weakens the priestly heart, the Pope continued.

The 85-year-old explained to priests and seminarians that he wasn’t just talking about “regular pornography,” but also “criminal pornography like that of child abuse.”

In the session, Francis reportedly told the group to “remove this from your phone, so you will not have temptation in hand,” according to a transcript of the discussion released by the Vatican on Wednesday.

“This pornographic material cannot be received by the pure heart, the one that Jesus receives every day,” remarked Francis.

The pontiff also cautioned the audience against wasting too much time online and becoming sidetracked by things like news and music while urging people to use social media and other digital tools.

During the conference, Francis spoke in-depth about a variety of topics, including how to live virtuously despite having moral failings and how to reconcile science and religion.

In the meeting, Francis also disclosed that he received a cell phone 30 years ago when he was ordained as a bishop.

The pope claimed that he only made one call, to his sister, and then returned the shoe-sized device.

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