No Relief For Wines & Spirits As Higher Taxes Hit Them


Consumers of wines and spirits have been hit with higher taxes as the 2022 Finance Bill sails through the floor of the National Assembly.

On Thursday night, members of Parliament adopted the Finance Bill even as the House lacked a quorum.

Despite proposing to hold further excise duty increases on alcoholic beverages, wines and spirits have been hit with higher duty in amendments of the Finance Bill by the Committee of the Whole House.

Inflation adjustments to the rate of excise duty to remain as an annual review from the proposed bi-annual edit.

Beer whose alcohol content exceeds six per cent to attract excise duty at the rate of Ksh.134 per litre from Ksh.121.85.

Wines to attract duty at the rate of Ksh.229 per litre from the current Ksh.208.20.

Spirits exceeding six per cent in alcoholic strength to attract excise duty at Ksh.335.30 from the previous Ksh.278.70.

The changes are set to be submitted as part of the Finance Bill which will be presented to President Uhuru Kenyatta for accent forming part of the 2022 Finance Act.

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