Over 3k Inmates Pardoned By President Uhuru On Madaraka Day Celebrations


President Uhuru Kenyatta has pardoned 3,908 prisoners who have been serving time behind bars in various prisons across the country.

In his 59th Madaraka Day celebrations speech at Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi, the head of state pointed out that as a recommendation by the Justice System and Mercy Advisory Committee, the offenders in custody would be granted a second chance as a fulfilment of his mandate.

“On this day, we also reflect on the plight of our brothers and sisters who have run into headwinds with the law and are currently serving custodial sentences in our correctional facilities,” President Kenyatta said.

“Indeed, in response to various petitions from actors in the justice and legal sector, and in line with our commitment to restorative justice and reintegration of offenders on the recommendation of power of mercy advisory committee, I have on this day exercised the presidential prerogative of pardon and granted a second chance to some 3,908 inmates.”

At the same time, the commander-in-chief called on the prisoners set to be freed to embrace transformation in appreciation of his lenience and the nation’s mercy.

While urging them to uphold the rule of law, President Kenyatta said a turnaround in their lives would reaffirm the transformative justice in the country.

“To those that have been pardoned, mine to you is that you should now be change-makers in our society and restore faith and confidence in our criminal justice system,” President Uhuru said.

He added: “Reciprocate the generosity that has been shown to you by your motherland through this act of mercy with a high sense of civic duty and service to your country.”

Source: citizen digital

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