Madaraka Day Celebrations Cost Taxpayers Ksh.70M; PS Kibicho


Interior Principal Secretary (PS) Karanja Kibicho says that the Madaraka Day celebrations slated for Wednesday will set back Kenyan taxpayers approximately Ksh. 70 million.

Speaking on Tuesday, on Citizen TV’s News Night Show, Kibicho noted that the event’s budget will be considerably much lower than other past government events.

The PS pointed out that a huge chunk of the budget has been set aside to pay performers who will grace the event and not on renovating the grounds where the Madaraka Day celebrations will be observed.  The event will be held at the newly constructed and refurbished Uhuru Gardens, Memorial Park. 

“Tomorrow is cheap we are not doing any infrastructure development. Here is more of paying alliances to the people who are coming to sing and perform. It will roughly be between Ksh. 60 and 70 million,” said Kibicho.

The PS also revealed that the Wednesday ceremony will be different from other Madaraka Day celebrations as it will showcase the country’s military power owing to the fact that this is the final public holiday commemoration ceremony that President Uhuru Kenyatta will oversee as Head-of-State.

“Tomorrow will be a bit different because it will be a little heavy on military display. You must show your citizens that you are ready to protect them against any aggression and that is why you see in any of these celebrations there is a lot of showcasing of military powers,” said Kibicho.

“We will also be showcasing military hardware because the KDF needs to say goodbye to the Commander-in-Chief because it will probably be the last day he will conduct a national day.”

The PS welcomed all Kenyans to the event noting that gates to the memorial park will be open as early as 5 am.

“We expect 30,000 Kenyans; the gates open at 5 am while the Guest of Honour is expected at 10:00 am. There are no special invitation cards for anyone. Everyone is invited; a small security check will be done on all attendees. You should also remember to wear masks,” he said.

Source: Citizen Digital

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