Kenya Kwanza Acts Quickly After Receiving Intelligence Report On Azimio’s Secret Activities

Kenya Kwanza is a well-known political coalition in Kenya’s republic. This is the coalition that formed the government after winning the recently concluded presidential elections, with Dr. William Ruto serving as both president and coalition leader.

Today, reports have emerged of Kenya Kwanza acting quickly after receiving intelligence reports on what Azimio is doing secretly.

This coalition has taken Azimio to court over their covert plans to deregister UDA and the Farmers Party as political parties.

According to this publication, this team has been sending threats to the registrar of political parties in order to force her to deregister the UDA and the Farmers Party.

As a result, Kenya Kwanza has decided to take Azimio to court and sue them over their plans. Azimio demanded that the UDA and Farmers Party be deregistered, claiming that they had not provided party data.

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