President Ruto Describes DP Gachagua’s Roles in Gov’t

President William Ruto has outlined the functions that his deputy Rigathi Gachagua will oversee as they begin to implement the government’s agenda as outlined in their Kenya Kwanza manifesto.
Ruto said his deputy will be “a busy man” as he unveiled his Cabinet on Tuesday.

In addition to the constitutional roles, the President delegated the following responsibilities to Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua:

Assist the president in carrying out all presidential functions authorized by the constitution and the law.

Chair public committees and oversee cabinet decision implementation across all ministries and departments.

Coordinate intergovernmental relations between the national and county governments, including serving as chair of the Intergovernmental Budget and Economical Council (IBEC).

Serve as a liaison between the constitutional commissions and independent offices in matters requiring national government intervention, such as budgetary policy formulation and implementation of their recommendations.

Coordinate the planning and oversight of development partners-funded programs and projects.

Oversee public sector reforms and any other duties assigned to him on an as-needed basis.

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