Tharaka Nithi: Wife Kills Husband And Commits Suicide

A man and his wife were discovered dead yesterday morning in Giampompo village, Chuka town, not far from Chuka University, in what appears to be a murder-suicide.

Moses Kirimi, a long-time architect with Chuka University, was discovered today in a pool of blood, where police say he died after being hit on the head multiple times with a metal bar found in the crime scene.

It is believed that the victim was murdered by his wife, Pamela Wanja, who later committed suicide by hanging herself outside the second floor of the unfinished residence.

According to Maara Sub-County police commander Mohammed Jarso, who confirmed the incident, the woman left a note apologizing to their three underage children about her motive, but investigations are still ongoing to determine the true cause of the two deaths.

Following an increase in murder cases in the region, Mohammed advised couples to always seek an alternative method of resolving their differences without endangering their spouses.

“When there is a conflict in a marriage, it is advisable to consider the innocent children left behind, as these young children are now suffering as orphans,” he said.

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