How to Prevent Your WhatsApp and Facebook Accounts from Being Hacked

Here are the steps you should take to safeguard your WhatsApp and Facebook accounts


Go to settings and click it to protect your Facebook account.

Scroll down and click on “security and login.”

Scroll down to the “Use two-factor authentication” option and click it.

Click on the “use text message” section. This will prompt you to enter the phone number you currently use.

You will receive an SMS on your phone confirming that you have enabled two-step verification.

You will be notified via SMS whenever there is a hacking attempt. In addition, whenever you sign in with a new device, you will be asked to verify your accounts


The first step is to click the three dots on the right side of your Whatsapp.

Go to settings and select it.

Account should be selected.

Enable two-factor authentication by clicking on it.

Put in a new 6-digit pin that you will use every time you sign into WhatsApp.

Provide an email address for rwcovery in case you forget your 6 digit pin.

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