KEBS Suspends 10 Cooking Oils for Not Meeting Quality Standards

Kenya Consumers and customers are urged to stop using the various listed cooking oils in the market immediately after the Kenya Beaureu of Standards listed several edible oils as non-compliant.

According to the KEBS, they sampled and analyzed market edible oil samples that were assessed and found to have failed to meet the required quality standards. The Quality Standards agency stated in its recommendation that it is not prohibiting the use of the listed products, but that they are temporarily suspended to protect consumers from unsafe products.

Among the items listed are;

1. Rina Cooking Oil

2. Fresh Fri Oill

3. Fry Mate Cooking Oil

4. Tilly Cooking Oil

5. Top Fry Cooking Oil

6. Salit Cooking.

7. Bahari Fry Cooking Oil.

8. Postman Cooking Oil.

9. Gold and Pure Olive Oil

10. Fresh Fry With Garlic Oil.

“The EDIBLE OILS industry has been terrorizing Kenya’s Central Bank over dollars while importing poison into the country. We recommend Elianto, Rinsun, and other oils not listed by Kenya Beaureu of Standards to consumers who can afford them “Consumer Federation of Kenya stated.

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