The Kenyan government saves 22 Kenyans from human trafficking in Laos.

Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau during a past address. [PHOTO | FILE]

The government has rescued 22 Kenyans from human trafficking cartels in Laos, while others who fear being trapped in Myanmar continue to seek assistance.

One Ugandan and one Burundian were also rescued, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a statement to newsrooms on Friday.

According to the ministry, a collaborative effort between Kenya, Laos, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) resulted in the retrieval of the 24 East Africans, who are now in the care of various State agencies.

“The government, in collaboration with the Government of Laos and the International Organization for Migration, rescued 22 Kenyans, a Ugandan, and a Burundian from trafficking cartels in Laos. It is now believed that hundreds of young Kenyans are working in ‘fraud factories’ in South East Asia “according to the ministry

“With the assistance of HAART Kenya and the IOM Lao PDR, the 24 East Africans (22 Kenyans, 1 Burundian, and 1 Ugandan) have since returned home.”

The government believes that some of the factories where the people were rescued may have been used to extract and store human organs.

According to the ministry, the once-illegal business of human trafficking has resurfaced and is now spreading across the continent, with cartels luring young people under the guise of well-paying jobs.

According to the ministry, youth are preferred because of their ability to commit crimes as well as their output in terms of productivity.

Citizens have been warned not to fall victim to such individuals who entice them with promises of huge salaries in South Asian countries without verifying the legitimacy of the jobs.

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