Kenyans facing difficult times as new prices of essential commodities revealed following the removal of subsidies.

Dr. William Samoe Ruto, President of the Republic of Kenya, announced a few days ago that his administration has banned all forms of subsidies on Unga, Sugar, and Fuel in the Republic of Kenya.

Now, just a few days after Ruto’s move, the new prices for Unga and Sugar have been revealed, and they may be prohibitively expensive for Kenyans.

According to the Tuko News, 1kg of sugar now costs kshs 150, an increase of shs 20. This represents a 4.6% increase.

On the other hand, the price of 2kgs of maize flour has risen by shs 4.7%, and it will now be sold for 200 shillings. This will put a strain on Kenyans who are already facing difficult economic times.

This increase is the result of Dr. William Ruto’s recent decision to eliminate government subsidies for basic needs. Kenyans will have no choice but to buy these new commodities at the aforementioned prices.

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