Nikita Kering’s Untold Story

Nikita Chepchumba Kering, a Kenyan musician, has conquered the nation through her songs, and as a result, she has become a person of interest in Kenya.

Kering was born in the year 2002 on February 26th, so she is only 20 years old. She is still young and beautiful, and she has a lot of future potential. Kering attended several primary schools before becoming a media personality.

Kering attended Springs Academy, Kilimani Junior Academy, and Brookhouse International School. Kering was able to obtain a partial scholarship in order to complete her A level studies.

She was very passionate about music, so she pursued it. Many African parents are opposed to their children pursuing music as a career because they believe it is only for the uneducated. Many aspiring musicians struggled because their parents or guardians were opposed to their career choices.

Kering rose to prominence in 2012 after singing for the audience at Emmy Kosgei’s album launch. The audience was blown away by her performance and applauded her. Many people lack courage, especially when standing in front of a large crowd.

Many elderly people are also afraid, and they are unable to express themselves in public. Kering performed in front of a large audience at a young age, and she delivered her message clearly.

Kering signed a record deal with EmPower Africa, who put her through an international training and mentoring program. Despite being the youngest competitor, she made it to the finals of a competition.

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