Kinyua: Uhuru’s CSs will remain in office until President Ruto names his cabinet.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries are expected to remain in office until his successor, William Ruto, names their replacements.

According to a circular issued by Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, this is to ensure that there is no vacuum during the transition from Kenyatta’s administration to President Ruto’s administration.

“As previously announced in our circulars Ref. No. OPJCAB.42/IA of 2O’ June, 2022 and Ref. No. CAS/GEN.3/16Vol.III/(22) of 3P August, 2022, the transition from the Fourth Administration to the Fifth Administration is ongoing and will only be completed when appointments to the Cabinet and senior ranks of the Executive are completed,” Kinyua said.

“It is therefore reiterated that the tenure of current Cabinet Secretaries and Principal Secretaries will only expire upon the appointment and swearing-in of a successor Cabinet Secretary or Principal Secretary, as the case may be, by the Head of State and Government; or upon a reorganization of Government by His Excellency the President that affects a specific docket.”

The Public Service chief went on to say that for the time being, the CSs and their respective PSs’ roles are limited to general administration.

This means they cannot appoint to any State boards or make payments in excess of Ksh.50 million without the National Treasury’s approval.

Kinyua also stated that foreign travel for the CSs and PSs is on hold until President Ruto approves it, as he prepares to unveil his team.

This comes after a group of CSs, some of whom had long stopped reporting to their offices on a daily basis, stated that the term of a CS ends with the outgoing president.

According to these CSs, they no longer have executive power delegated to them by a president; as a result, PSs are in charge of running ministerial departments.

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