Pilot and trainee are unharmed after their plane crashes-lands in Nairobi Park.

On Wednesday, a pilot and a trainee were evacuated after their light aircraft crashed-landed in Nairobi National Park.
The incident occurred shortly after the plane took off from Wilson Airport.

According to police and witnesses, the plane was on its way to training sessions when it crashed four minutes later.

After making calls for evacuation, the two were later picked up from the scene by a chopper.

According to witnesses, bodaboda riders who witnessed the incident breached the park’s fence and arrived on the scene.

The two were unharmed and walked out of the chopper back to Wilson Airport, but they were advised to seek medical attention.

The incident is being investigated by experts, according to Langata police boss Monicah Kimani.

Pilots and trainees are frequently involved in accidents.

Wilson Airport is home to the majority of training planes.

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