10 Steps To Follow If You Want To Start A Successful Poultry Farm

1.) Equipped yourself with knowledge by learning wide and deep in the area you want to specialize in. Most businesses collapse because of a lack of required information.

2.) Choose the poultry sector after putting all factors into consideration. It can be for eggs, meat, poultry feed, or hatchery.

3.) Choose the right type of bird that will give you maximum return with little investment. It can be chicken, duck, goose, or pigeon.

4.) Select a good area where you will set up a farm. It should be away from noisy areas. It should be located near urban areas where there is a ready market. Security of birds should be considered thus it should not be too far from the farmer’s homestead.

5.) Have a good business plan that is attainable and put in place a mechanism to lower negative setbacks. It would help to guide you throughout the entire project.

6.) Set up a good housing system that can be intensive, semi-intensive, or extensive. Farm equipment like waterers, feeders, nests, and cages should be avail to make sure birds are comfortable.

7.) Select a good breed for stocking because this would determine the long-term productivity of your farm. They should be healthy, have fast growth, are resistant to disease, and long egg production period.

8.) Feed your birds with the right type of feed that contains all nutrients and vitamins. Enough water and feed should be avail at all times to make sure growth and egg production is not disrupted. Vaccination and disease treatment must be followed at all times.

9.) Put up farm regulations that guide all activities that take place on the farm.

10.) Seek the market for your products so that you could realize a profit and make your investment profitable in long run. It should be readily available because broilers should not overstay as they consume more food.

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