Kirinyaga: Cleric Prays For Gichugu Couple ‘Tormented By Evil Spirits’


There was drama in Ngiriambu village, Gichugu constituency, Kirinyaga county, on Tuesday, after residents joined a self-declared cleric from Nakuru in prayers to chase away ‘ghosts ‘ and ‘evil spirits’ haunting a couple.

The couple – Brian Mwangi and his wife Caroline Wambura – said they have been living in fear after ‘evil spirits’ continuously attacked them at all hours of the day.

They said they were forced to move house and go to their parents’ house until the matter is resolved.

The cleric, by the name Danson Gichuhi pitched tent at the couple’s home to perform rituals to ‘chase away’ the spirits and said that the couple would not be disturbed again.

Brian, a boda boda operator, alleged his business had been affected by the spirits and that his motorcycle had failed to work after he found a substance applied on the wheels.

He said another motorcycle he borrowed also failed to work.

The couple alleges the spirits would torment them in the middle of the night and stones would be thrown at them, but they could not see the culprits.

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