Mucheru: Raila Headed For A Round One Win In August


Azimio La Umoja One Kenya flag bearer Raila Odinga will win Kenya’s presidency in round one, ICT CS Joe Mucheru has said.

According to CS Mucheru, based on polls and public opinion, Raila is likely to defeat his opponents without the need for a runoff.

CS Mucheru, speaking to Inooro TV,on Sunday was emphatic that when he called the August election, he was speaking as ‘Mucheru the Kenyan’ and not ‘Mucheru the State officer.’

“I dont think we will go for a round two, I think it will be decided in round one based on what numbers show and what people are saying,” CS Mucheru said. 

“Baba will emerge top,” Thats is what I see, as Mucheru and not as the government. This is based on personal experience and what I can see,” 

“Polls already show Azimio is in the lead, that is where I’m getting my data, it is not like we are depending on any other data ,” 

According to the head of the ICT Ministry, Raila’s opponents have already sensed defeat, which explains the rampant claims of alleged election rigging.

CS Mucheru also used the opportunity to criticize DP Ruto’s choice of running mate, claiming that the choice by the second-in-command was not helping matters.

“I think the other side is afraid. You see even their choice of running mate, I don’t think that person is really helping them, but that is up to them,” he added. 

During the same interview, CS Mucheru downplayed the allegations of vote rigging, stating that, for starters, the IEBC, not the ICT ministry, is responsible for conducting credible elections.

“We are just a regulator, there is no where the ICT ministry is in charge of the IEBC, so where exactly are they saying is the communications Authority involvement,” CS Mucheru said. 

He also questioned those who were criticizing him for his political stance. Mucheru claims that DP Ruto, a high-ranking public official, is still in office despite being one of the top contenders for Kenya’s top job.

“They are also in government, DP Ruto sits at the National Security council which I don’t, he ranks higher than me,”

Mucheru also slammed claims of a “Deep State” within the highest echelons of government capable of influencing elections.

“I dont know deep state, I have no idea. Even DP Ruto said there is no deep state, so where is deep state?” 

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