How To Safeguard Your Mobile Phone Number Against SIM Swap Fraud


Cases of sim swap fraud have recently become a major concern as mobile money fraudsters seek new ways of stealing from unsuspecting mobile phone users.

Fraudsters are now going to the extent of registering an existing number on a new SIM card in order to intercept notifications, one-time passwords, online banking profile and transactions.

To safeguard customers from fraudulent sim swaps, mobile services provider Safaricom has introduced a self-whitelisting service where one locks their own number to ensure no one else can swap your sim card without your knowledge.

All you need to do is dial *100*100# to whitelist your number.

This service ensures that a customer’s SIM card can only be replaced by visiting a Safaricom Shop or Care desk with your ID, or by calling Safaricom customer care.

Credits: citizen digital

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