Murang’a: Interior Ministry Employee In Critical Condition After Drink Spiked


A man is fighting for his life at a hospital in Murang’a county, after a drink he was taking was laced with an unknown substance by his female lover, rendering him unconscious.

Quick response by bar attendants at the popular joint in Kenol, Murang’a county, saved the man from also losing his possessions to the woman who had just stupefied his drink.

The man had walked to Small Villa gardens at Kenol last evening, accompanied by a woman with whom they had several drinks and made merry. 

Little did the man an employee at the Ministry of Interior, know that the woman had hatched an evil scheme to milk his bank accounts dry. 

Later at around 11pm, the man passed out as the observant waiters saw the daughter of jezebel gathering his belongings including ATM cards, Identity card and mobile phones. 

Alarmed, they alerted their manager who called the Officer Commanding Kenol Police station, who responded immediately. 

The man was rushed to hospital in critical condition, as the woman identified as

Alice Wangechi, 37, was booked at Kenol police station on stupefying charges and the man’s documents recovered from her. 

Wangechi’s arrest followed an expose on this page by DCI’s Comms detectives, warning men in rural areas of an influx of women whose drinks lacing enterprise had suffered a big blow in the city and were now scavenging in local pubs for easy prey. 

The drug used to spike drinks known as ‘Tamuu’ is a depressant used to treat mental patients and has adverse effects especially when administered to men with pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure.

As we appreciate the quick action by staff at Small Villa, other bar owners are asked to be on high alert and notify police officers immediately they notice such peculiarities at their business premises.

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