7 Legit ways Kenyans are making money online

There are Kenyans who have mastered the art of making money online. As millions were reported to have lost their jobs since the coronavirus pandemic, most people turned to online jobs. So, like other Kenyans, what online jobs can you do to start earning?

Start a virtual store

In the coming years, e-commerce is estimated to be worth Sh400 billion.  This is a clear indication that the sector is booming and has got growth potential. One can create a virtual store in popular online market places such as Kilimall or Masoko and gain a vast market for his/her products.

Blog and invite advertisements on your site

This is for those who love to write and have the ability to engage their readers. A persuasive blogger reaps money by getting a commission for every sale made by the website. Also, Goggle’s AdSense enables you to earn money according to the number of people that view your content. So ensure your content is captivating.

Do academic writing

Making money online cannot be mentioned without academic writing crossing the mind. A lot of research is done when doing this type of writing. If you like to learn new things and write as you earn money, this online job suits you. The trick here is to gain experience and develop your profile. Networking with fellow writers and writing companies also enables you to find jobs easily.


If you are not a fan of researching, transcribing will do for you. To venture into transcribing, all you need to have are good headphones, the internet, and a quiet place. Before starting the job, one must take an English test and be over 18 years of age. Transcribing is all about listening to audios or audio-visuals and writing down what you hear. Since you get paid depending on the duration it takes you to complete a task, the faster you are at transcribing, the more you earn.

Start a vlog

This is a popular way of earning money online in Kenya, especially among the millennials. With vlogging, one needs to have a minimum of a thousand subscribers on YouTube to start earning. The content should also be interesting enough to keep people glued on your channel hence get to see adverts placed on your video. If your content is not engaging, viewers won’t spend enough time watching; this affects the advert’s number of views, which proportionally affects what one earns.

Participate in online polls and surveys

Earn money online in Kenya by answering questions posed by research sites in Kenya, such as Paid View Point. These questions are not as challenging as they focus on your views and opinions about a product or service you have interacted with.

Earn by reviewing mobile apps

Are you open and willing to test various applications and give your comments? This is one of the easiest ways to earn money online in Kenya. Software developers depend on users’ views to improve their products. Therefore, you can have fun with the apps as you earn that extra coin. Also, remember that the more applications you review, the more money you get.

To sum it all up, there is something for everyone to do to earn online. Therefore, try the above and other methods until you find the one that works for you. Considering the ability to work in the comfort of your living- room, I think online jobs are among the most flexible and lucrative ways to earn money in Kenya.

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