Raila’s Statement After Filling Presidential Petition

Raila Odinga and other Azimio leaders present presidential petition documents.

Azimio coalition party leader Raila Odinga on Monday, August 22, successfully filed his petition at the Supreme Court challenging the presidential victory of outgoing Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking at the KICC after presenting the petition documents at the Milimani Law Courts, Raila said that his action was in line with the stipulations of the constitution on resolving electoral disputes.

The former Prime Minister claimed that his legal challenge was a do or die battle with corruption cartels who he alleged were prepared to compromise the electoral systems.

“This is a do or die battle for the corruption cartels who everything to lose to the forces of democracy takeover. The corruption cartels are prepared to compromise electoral systems, bribe electoral officials, make security systems look other way or even kill in order to find their way to power and continue stealing from the public,” Raila said.

The ODM leader alleged that corruption cartels have been financing specific candidates and assassinating electoral officials.

He claimed that the corruption cartels were buying leaders elected on other party tickets to kill democracy in the country.

“We have seen the speed with which they have moved to buy elected leaders within one week after being denied the numbers at the lower level elections,” Raila said.

He further said that he was shocked that when he was prepared to go to court, some people were trying to stop him.

The Azimio leader said that they were confident that they had enough evidence to show that victory in the recently concluded election belonged to them.

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