Deputy principal Of Migingo Girls High School killed by her son

Migingo Girls High School Deputy Principal Roselyn Nyawanda has been killed by her own son, the Kochieng assistant chief has confirmed.

After killing his mother, the man burned the body and locked himself inside the family’s house.

Assistant Chief Shadrack Awuor said the body was discovered Sunday night.

“I got a distress call from one of the sons who works in Kisumu about the murder. He had been trying to reach the mother since Saturday but the calls were going unanswered,” Mr Awuor said.

The killing might have happened on Saturday night, he said.

The man, in his 20s, killed his mother and placed her body in the bathroom before setting it on fire.

Nyando OCPD Grace Mulwa said police found the body burned beyond recognition.

“We found a kitchen knife alongside the body, though it didn’t have bloodstains, but we will investigation further and maybe the post mortem will reveal the cause of death,” Ms Mulwa said.

She went on: “The son was found in the house. We are holding him as the first suspect. We are yet to interrogate him.”

The man was detained at the Nyando Police Station.

“From the reports of the other son living in Kisumu, the suspect is on medication suffering from a mental disorder,” she said.

The body was taken to the Nyando County Referral Hospital mortuary.

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