Electricity Prices To Remain Unchanged Through August

Electricity prices are set to remain unchanged for the umpteenth time in August as the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) leaves tariffs unchanged.

The energy sector regulator has once again left the fuel cost charge (FCC), the foreign exchange fluctuation adjustment and the water resource management levy at Ksh.4.63, 73 cents and two cents per unit of electricity consumed respectively.

The hold in the tariffs is expected to anchor the government’s 15 per cent slash on consumer tariffs, effected in January this year.

The tariff reduction brought down the cost of electricity to Kenyans by an average of 16 per cent, setting the cost of 50 units of electricity (kilowatt hours) at Ksh.796.83 as of the end of January.

Meanwhile, 200 units of electricity consumed continue to incur Ksh.4373.12 in costs over the review period.

The hold in electricity prices for eight months running has served to cushion Kenyans from a further increase in energy costs with the price of fuel products having swelled over the same stretch.

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