Police Identify Person Of Interest In The Death Of IEBC Official

Police officers investigating the disappearance and eventual murder of 53-year-old Embakasi East Constituency IEBC returning officer Daniel Mbolu Musyoka are pursuing an unidentified lady seen in conversation with him outside the East African School of Aviation shortly before he went missing.

Mbolu is said to have left the tallying centre through the exit gate 15 minutes after reporting for duty.

A source privy to investigations, who wanted to remain anonymous, revealed to Citizen TV that the returning officer was a disturbed man hours before the declaration of the Constituency results.

Eight  days since the disappearance and eventual discovery of the body of Musyoka on Monday the 15th of August, investigators from the Directorate of Criminal investigations have been trying to reconstruct his movements from the tallying centre to Oloitoktok where his body was discovered

With the aid of CCTV footage collected from different angles within the East African School of Aviation in Taasia Area of Embakasi, detectives have been able to piece together information that could lead to the unraveling of the murder of Musyoka.

The said source told Citizen TV of the existence of a mysterious lady who was last seen talking with Musyoka outside the Tallying Centre at around 10am on August 11, 2022.

This was after Musyoka excused himself to walk to the nearest chemist to buy medicine. It is reported that  he declined to be escorted by his bodyguard and his driver.

The CCTV footage seen by Citizen TV and since obtained by the investigators shows Musyoka at a nearby entertainment joint using his phone.

The source also disclosed to Citizen TV that the boda boda passenger seen talking to Musyoka is a clerk who was leaving the station after a night shift.

That was the last time Musyoka was seen alive.

“I spoke to him on Wednesday night and he told me that he had started receiving results from the various polling stations. The only challenge he said he faced was that original copies of the form 34A had been stole from one of his colleagues,” Justus Mbithi, a colleague of the deceased told Citizen TV.

“I don’t think that such a problem would have made him leave the tallying centre.”

Further details of the night of incident reveal that the IEBC official appeared a disturbed man.

At some point in the night he sought some time alone in an empty room within the Tallying Centre.

At 4:30am he went to a house which he shared with a friend. They reportedly cooked tea before retiring to bed. He would wake up later and report for duty at 9:30 before leaving 15 minutes later.

“I had spoken to him two days before  he went missing and he told me everything was okay but he told me should anything happen I should make sure that my phone stays on since he would come to seek sanctuary at my place,” the deceased’s cousin Nicholas Musyoka said.

“The last time I saw my dad i was with him at our rural home in Machakos and he was jovial and his normal self, although the last time we spoke on phone he was understandably tired and exhausted from the amount of work they had to do,” added Prudence Mbolu, the deceased’s daughter.

Whereas it is yet to be established how he suddenly disappeared from Taasia area on Thursday, his phone was switched back on at 3pm according the source.

This is the time detectives believe he was taken to Oloitokitok. Investigators also believe that Musyoka could have been on a call on one of the encrypted calling services such as WhatsApp.

“We received a call telling us to head to Oloitoktok to confirm his identity. The caller never revealed whether he was dead,” said Nicholas.

“The last time I talked to my dad was early morning of election day. we texted on Whatsapp i was wishing him strength and good vibes for the polls. The next time I tried to contact him he was unavailable,” said Prudence

As the investigations continue, burial preparations are underway with the family saying he will be laid to rest on Friday next week in his rural village of Muthetheni-Miu, Mwala in Machakos County.

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