‘Wacha Kujigamba, Wait For Supreme Court Outcome’, Karua Tells Ruto

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya running mate Martha Karua has reiterated that the coalition party is headed to the Supreme Court to challenge the presidential results where William Ruto was declared winner, calling on the Kenya Kwanza boss not to revel in the victory just yet as it may be short-lived.

Karua said the Raila Odinga-led Azimio coalition will seek to present its case at the Supreme Court, further reassuring their supporters that they will accept whatever outcome they’re presented with.

She spoke in Kirinyaga on Friday where she also castigated Ruto for what she termed as illegally welcoming defections from Azimio to his Kenya Kwanza fold.

“As Azimio, once we take our legal challenge to the court, whatever the outcome, that is the end of the journey. That’s the way our Constitution is, it may not be perfect, but we promise to abide,” she said.

“We always abide by the rule of law, even when we disagree with a ruling, we either take next steps or if it’s the final we accept it. So wale hawaelewi sheria, tulieni, wacha kujigambagamba na siku haijafika.”

Karua faulted Ruto accusing him of disregarding the Constitution by wooing leaders elected on independent tickets as well as those from other parties to his political camp.

She underscored that any defection before a new government assumes power was contrary to the Political Parties Act governing the formation of parties and coalitions.

“It is unfortunate for a person who aspires to lead the country, and for somebody who is the deputy president of the outgoing government, to break the laws of the country,” Karua said.

“There is the Political Parties Act under which coalitions are built, which stipulates very clearly that anybody leaving a coalition, there is a process. For the DP to start wooing people and enticing them to leave a coalition without the requisite legal provision is either a display of impunity or gross ignorance of the laws of the land.”

She added: “Starting to woo members of the Azimio coalition and announcing they have defected to his side, is it that he has not read the Political Parties Act or he regards the law as nothing?”

The Narc Kenya party leader chastised Ruto for his actions saying it was a reflection of the KANU tyranny where the country did not enjoy democracy.

“It is premature for somebody to start trying to disorganise political parties illegally, unlawfully and I would urge Kenyans and members concerned, to be warned. I also urge the DP of an outgoing government to acquaint himself with the laws of the land or ask his advisers for a better interpretation,” she said.

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