Nonini sues Syinix electronics for copyright infringement

Rapper Nonini has filed a lawsuit against Japanese company Syinix electronics and influencer Brian Mutinda for copyright infringement.

Influencer Mutinda had used one of the rapper’s songs titled “We Kamu” in a video advertising a new flat-screen TV from Syinix. 

Nonini filed the lawsuit at Milimani Law Courts under case number E4007 of 2022.

“You are hereby required within 15 days from the date of service hereof to enter an appearance in the said suit. 

Should you fail to enter an appearance within the time mentioned above, the plaintiff may proceed to the suit and judgement may be given in your absence,” read part of the court document.

In July Nonini wrote to Syinix electronics to demand an apology from them.

Syinix in their response denied creating any video involved in copyright infringement but said they were however interested to discuss with Nonini the possibility of him issuing a synchronization license of the said song.

In the letter that Nonini posted online, he stated, “On April 30, 2022, your social media influencer by the name Brian Mutinda created a short video meant to market the products of Syinix Electronics which he posted on his Instagram page. The same short video was also posted on your verified Facebook page.” 

“Our client’s song titled ‘We Kamu’ was synchronized with the visuals without a synchronization license contrary to copyright laws,” reads part of the letter from Nonini’s lawyers.

Responding to the demand letter, Syinix legal team stated, “We make reference to the above matter and your letter dated June 28, 2022, addressed to Syinix Electronics, over which we have been instructed to address you as we do herein. 

That our client denies creating any video in infringement of your client’s copyright.”

They noted, “That if at all our client posted any purportedly infringing video on its social media page then do note that at all material times it was not aware and had no reasonable grounds for suspecting subsistence of copyright to the said video.”

The song We Kamu was released in the year 2002 and is among one of Nonini’s biggest tracks.

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