My Position In Azimio Is Worthy Of Celebration Regardless Of Political Affiliations; Martha Karua

Azimio La Umoja August presidential flagbearer Raila Odinga’s running mate Martha Karua says her nomination to deputize Odinga should be lauded by any progressive Kenyan regardless of their political allegiance.

Karua who made history earlier this month by being the first female to be nominated presidential running mate by the leader of a major party termed the recognition as a step toward the inclusion of women in all areas of society.

She was speaking on Sunday, May 29, at the Church of the Torch in Thogoto, Kiambu County during the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Woman’s Guild centennial celebrations.

“I am also very happy as you celebrate 100 years, because just two weeks ago, I was nominated a running mate to one of the major candidates, Hon. Raila Odinga,” said Ms Karua.

“So it’s like an icing on our celebrations because irrespective of your persuasion, it is recognition and inclusion.”

Karua also commended the PCEA church for what she described as leading the fight towards women’s liberation countrywide.

“The PCEA church has been a pioneer in the fight for women’s rights, whether through education or ending FGM, and it has been carried on to date. So this is a celebration for the women and for the church,” she said.

“We recognize you because it is those building blocks which have been replicated elsewhere to bring us where we are today,” added Karua.

She at the same time urged Kenyans of the Christian faith to “restore the distinction between right and wrong” as the country’s political climate heats up ahead of the August General Election.

“We are facing a period like no other in our country; the difference between right and wrong is blurred and that is very dangerous at election time,” Karua said.

“Those of us professing the Christian faith, I ask us to restore the distinction between right and wrong. That way we save ourselves and our country.”

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