Nairobi: Notorious Criminal Gang Leader Shot Dead

File image of police at a crime scene. [Photo | Courtesy]

A notorious gangster believed to be the leader of a Ruai-based criminal gang said to be behind a number of violent crimes in the area was on Wednesday afternoon gunned down by police in Starehe, Nairobi.

Paul Mureithi Naomi alias Muruthi met his demise after detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) Starehe precinct lay siege to his rented house in Ruai’s Githunguri area.

The sleuths were reportedly acting on intelligence leads. 

During the operation, the DCI says, one of their officers posed as a barter trader, popularly known as ”maree maree”, and approached Muruthi’s home in a bid to establish whether the wanted criminal was within the premises.

“Known for high level deception while smoking out hardened criminals, one of the detectives posing as a ‘mali mali’ dealer had approached the thug’s neighbourhood shouting mareeeee, mareeeeee! while carrying some basins and laundry baskets,” the DCI said in a statement.

“He then knocked on the thug’s door repeatedly until the miscreant unlatched the door halfway. Niukugura mare? (Will you buy mare?) posed the officer. Dikwenda na dugoke guku ringi! (I don’t want and don’t come back here!) retorted the thug as he banged the door.”

After confirming that the alleged criminal was holed up in his house, detectives returned a few moments later, seeking audience with the suspect.

Muruthi reportedly opted not to open his door, instead opening fire on the sleuths via his window which prompted the detectives to retaliate with deadly force.

“Moments later, the thug was subdued and the sleuths gained entry to the house, where his lifeless body was sprawled on the floor. A Ceska pistol serial number B 681256 loaded with four rounds of 9mm calibre was recovered, while 11 spent cartridges littered the scene,” said DCI.

Preliminary investigations have since established that the ceska pistol had been stolen from a registered civilian firearm holder a week ago, in an incident that saw the victim lose over Ksh.500,000 in valuables.

The body of the deceased was moved to City Mortuary after detectives processed the crime scene. 

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