Juliana Cherera Ignites Hilarious Mathematics Debate [0.01% Or 0.1%]

At this very minute across Kenya in homes, offices, bars, WhatsApp groups and social media, everyone is trying to do Mathematics.

No, it is not homework that school children just sprung up on their parents last minute, it all has to do with one Juliana Cherera, IEBC’s vice chair.

How Cherera managed to get an entire country to start working on percentages will befuddle hypnotists for a minute.

Together with three other commissioners; Francis Wanderi, Irene Masit and Justus Nyang’aya, Cherera claimed that Monday’s final presidential results that made William Ruto the president-elect were a Mathematical absurdity.

“Mr Chebukati’s aggregation was as follows; Raila Odinga 48.85%, Ruto 50.49%, Mwaure 0.27% Wajackoyah 0.44%. This summation gives us a total of 100.01%,” she said.

Everyone was with her up to this point and then “Mazematics” entered the chat by mistake.

“The 0.01% translates to approximately 142,000 votes which will make a significant difference in the final result.”

That right there is how she got an entire republic to raise their eyebrows, twist their mouths, scratch their heads and start doing Math with hilarious results.

Granted, she did correct herself and say she meant 0.1% but it still was off by a mile or two especially because of her 142,000 votes total.

Does 0.1% of 14,213,027 equal 142,000 or does 0.01% equal 1,420?

Everyone was a Mathematician and, thanks to social media, were able to share them with the whole world whether they were right or wrong.

Those who believe Dr Ruto does not deserve to be President-elect had their own results and arguments while those who are celebrating new status and are awaiting his swearing-in had theirs and their own defence.

So, join the Mathematics team and offer the correct answer but whatever number you get, will it give Azimio’s Raila Odinga a chance at the Supreme Court?

All I know is, the Apex court’s judges have just started practising because they will be doing Mathematics every three seconds when the case starts in a matter of days.

Here are some of the netizens reactions to Cherera’s Mathematics.

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