IEBC Explains What Exactly Is Happening At Bomas As Kenyans’ Anxiety Grows

Kenyans’ anxiety grows by the minute as they wait for the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) to declare the winner of the presidential election.

Kenyans have expressed their dissatisfaction with the verification process since it began, with some wondering why there is a delay and others wondering what procedure is being followed to make the announcements.

As the call to speed up the tallying process continues, the IEBC has come out to clarify the concerns raised and explain the order they are following.

1.) Verification of transmitted image of results Forms 34A against original Forms 34B.

The IEBC was to verify results from both electronically submitted Forms 34A and physical (original) Forms 34A submitted at the National Tallying Centre by County Returning Officers during this process, which has already been completed.

2.) Verification of constituency Forms 34A against their respective original Forms 34A.

The verified Forms 34A are compared to the physical Forms 34B, which are also submitted by the County Returning Officer’s (CRO’s).

CROs were required to submit two forms to the National Tallying Center: Forms 34A and 34B.

The commission is currently at this stage and has already verified 133 Forms, compared to the total number of constituencies that voted.

However, some Returning Officers have yet to arrive at the location to submit their documents for processing.

3.) Collation of Form 34C and confirmation of the constitutional threshold of 50 per cent plus one vote and a 25 per cent majority of counties.

Forms 34B will now be compiled (collated) into a single document, resulting in Form 34C.

The commission will confirm who has achieved the required 50 per cent plus one per cent to determine the winner.

4.) Declaration of Presidential Results

After the leading candidate has been identified, the commission’s chairman, National Returning Officer Wafula Chebukati, officially announces the winner.

5.) Issuance of the certificate to the president-elect.

A certificate is then issued to the candidate (president-elect).

This is to happen before the constitutional deadline on Tuesday, as the commission is given 7 days to announce the presidential results as of the voting day.

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