IEBC: 12 Million Registered Voters Had Cast Their Votes by 4pm

The Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has announced that 12,065,803 voters had cast their votes by 4 p.m. Tuesday, August 9.

Addressing the media from the Bomas of Kenya, IEBC commissioner Francis Wanderi stated that the number translated to 56.17 per cent voter turnout.

“At around 4 pm, 12,065,803 registered voters out of 22,120,458 voters had cast their votes. This equates to 56.17 of voter turnout excluding voting through the manual register,” Wanderi started.

He, however, stated that the commission had noted that there were long queues at polling stations adding that in areas where voting was interrupted, the time lost will be compensated.

Wanderi further siad that IEBC was doing well regarding maintaining that there was no low voter turnout adding that some areas had very high voter turnout.

“But as of now if we are at 56 per cent, we are doing well because the voting is still going on and I don’t think there is low voter turnout and in some areas the voter turnout is quite high. I am sure by the time we close the stations and get the final turnout, we are going to hit somewhere beyond 60 percent,” he stated.

According to IEBC, 6,567,869 voters had turned up to vote by noon on Tuesday and this was 30.65 percent of the total number of registered voters in the country.

On the failure of KIEMS kits which delayed the voting process in some areas, Wanderi said that IEBC will investigate the matter adding that only about 200 kits out of 46,229 kits had a technical hitch.

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