How To Check Your Polling Station On Phone

Facial image, fingerprints and civil data will be used to verify a voter’s identification at the polling station.

You can now check details of your polling station and the stream that you are expected to cast your vote tomorrow, Tuesday, August 9.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has provided an online platform, where voters can confirm details on their polling station from phones, tablets or computers. 

On the Website, a voter enters details of their ID or Passport number and the year of birth.

You will then click the ‘Check now’ button, which will lead you to a page showing your name, the County, Constituency, Ward, Polling Centre, Polling Station and Stream that you will cast your vote.

Alternatively, a voter can confirm these details by texting IDNumber#YearOfBirth or PassportNumber#YearOfBirth to SMS number 70000.

After getting to the polling station, IEBC officials will also confirm the voter’s name from their digital register that is on the KIEMS kit. 

After diligently identifying them, a voter will be given six ballot papers, then head to a private booth where they will select their preferred candidates. 

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