How The Bombing Of US Embassy In Kenya Happened

On the morning of August 7, a Friday, the attackers drove their pickup truck into the parking lot. 

The embassy shared a parking lot with several other buildings, including the Cooperative Bank and Ufundi House. They also had an underground garage that included a delivery dock. 

The driver and passengers insisted that they had a special delivery for the embassy loading dock: hundreds of pounds of explosives.

When the guards refused to allow them in, the attackers began shooting and threw a grenade. The frustrated terrorists then detonated the bomb in the rear parking lot with an intention to level the embassy.

Kenyans from nearby streets and buildings thronged the premise to aid in whatever ways they could.

As it was, 213 people died immediately, 44 of whom were U.S. Embassy Nairobi staff, and over 5,000 were injured.

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