Nakuru: 17-year-old boy Arrested For Stabbing 2 Women After Refusing To Support His Father’s MP Bid

A file image of a bloody knife [PHOTO | COURTESY]

A 17-year-old boy is currently being held by police in Gilgil, Nakuru County after repeatedly stabbing two women who allegedly refused to back the parliamentary bid of his father, a renowned Nakuru politician.

48-year-old Jane Kibe and 35-year-old Peris Wanjiru are currently recuperating at the Nakuru War Memorial Hospital after being stabbed 18 and 9 times respectively following the incident that occurred at Teachers Estate in Gilgil.  

Kibe says she was taken by surprise when the minor, who is a friend to Wanjiru’s son, casually walked into her bedroom while brandishing a knife before declaring that he was going to kill her.

 “I didn’t understand how I had wronged him. He pushed me to the bed and started to stab me. The boy accused me of not supporting his father who is a parliamentary candidate,” said Kibe according to the Standard.

“I began calling for help. He stabbed me on the arms, thighs, and back. The doctors told me that one of the cuts slightly missed the heart while another slightly injured my left lung.”

Kibe’s cries for help attracted Wanjiru, who was in the bathroom at the time, but when she tried to intervene the suspect turned the tables on her.

“He stabbed me nine times, three of which were very deep on the back and legs. He nearly severed one of my fingers. When we raised alarm, the boy dashed out of the house,” said Wanjiru.

“I don’t understand where the allegations came from. Whatever happened is unfortunate and I would wish to know what made him to attack me. Am fearing for my safety since this is a life-threatening matter,” said Wanjiru.

Confirming the incident, Nakuru County Police Commander Peter Mwanzo told journalists that investigations into the incident are currently ongoing and that the boy would remain in custody pending arraignment in court where he will be charged with attempted murder. 

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