Court orders Abbas Nazerali’s body exhumed to establish the real cause of his death

An image of a judge's gavel. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

A Mombasa court has ordered the body of Mombasa businessman Abbas Anverali Nazerali exhumed to establish the cause of his death, amid protests from his widow.

Mr Abbas died on May 15 in the emergency ward at Mombasa Hospital, but his brother Shakir Anwar suspected foul play and reported the matter to the police.

“Looking at the letter from Dr Sam Oula, a medical director at Aga Khan Hospital, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has demonstrated that the events after Mr Nazerali’s discharge from hospital should be subjected to investigations to establish the cause of his death,” Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Adet said when he allowed the DCI’s application.

He added: “This can only be done by conducting an autopsy on the deceased body, and to succeed in that, the body has to be exhumed to aid in conducting the inquest.”

Mr Nazerali’s widow, Kiran Nazerali, unsuccessfully attempted to block the enforcement of the orders after the magistrate declined to issue another directive suspending the exhumation order pending an appeal that she intended to file.

The widow opposed any attempt to exhume the body, saying the practice is frowned upon in the Muslim community.  

She argued that the practice is against Islam and customary beliefs.

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