Nakuru: Family Confirms Identity Of Mutilated Body Found Beheaded & Dumped In Barut Area


A family from Butere, Kakamega County, is seeking justice for their 20-year-old daughter, who was discovered murdered, beheaded, and body mutilated in the Barut area of Nakuru Town in early August.

On Sunday, detectives recovered the woman’s head, which had been dumped in a pit latrine just a few meters from where the body was discovered.

Beatrice Auma, the slain woman’s mother, was at the Kaptembwa police station in Nakuru West on Sunday as the remains of her 20-year-old daughter were discovered.

Eunice Khasindu, 20, came to Nakuru in June to look for work, according to Auma.

She told Citizen TV that she called the late Eunice in a panic, but her calls went unanswered.

“Mtoto wangu alitoka mwezi wa sita akakuja Nakuru kikazi, sasa tarehe kumi na mbili mwezi huu najaribu kumpigia kwa sababu huwa nataka kumjulia hali anakuwa ni mteja,” Auma said. 

The Kakamega County family has been camping in Nakuru for the past few days in search of their daughter; reports that their daughter was among those killed in the Barut area have left them in anguish. 

“Nikaenda mortuary kudhibitisha, kufika kwa msichana hakuwa na kichwa kwa mguu nikadhibitisha huyu ni msichana wangu nikaona birthmark, watu wa serikali mnisaidirb venye naweza peleka mtoto mwili wake nyumbani huko Butere,” Auma added. 

Three suspects have since been arrested in connection to the killings even as detectives recovered the head of the 20-year-old girl in a pit latrine, about 4 kilometers from where her body was dumped.

“We have taken it to the mortuary for investigations in terms of DNA and also confirmation that the head belongs to the body that was collected on 13th July ….we have a number of suspects arrested, three, we believe this act was not conducted by one , two or three but a group of people,” Peter Mwanzo, Nakuru police commander told the media. 

Detectives will be seeking to unravel the motive behind the murders of Eunice Khasindu and the 48-year-old man, both of whom had physical injuries when police recovered their bodies on July 13th.

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