Important Things You Need to Check During Your First Car Service

First-time car owners are often faced with the daunting task of properly servicing their vehicles in order to ensure all the essential components are efficient and working in tip-top shape. 

In this case, there are a variety of factors new car owners must consider if their units have to remain efficient and ensure longevity and essentially to avoid costly repairs down the road.

Taking your car for servicing for the first time involves various maintenance checks, refilling and replacing different components based on the mechanic’s assessment. 

Types of service

One of the vital factors to consider is the type of service the vehicle needs. For your first inspection, it is essential to determine the most suitable and cost-effective method for your vehicle. 

There are three different levels of car services for motorists to consider: a regular or interim service carried out every 6 months or 6,000 miles, full service carried out every 12 months or 12,000 miles or a major service every  24 months or 24,000 miles.

Each service varies in terms of the amount of work, the time taken to work on it and the overall cost. 

Choice of mechanic

First-time car owners are usually emotionally attached to their vehicles, hence will spare no expense to ensure the machine’s functionality is at par. 

Motorists are advised to take their vehicles to a trusted mechanic or dealer and undergo a thorough mechanical and electrical inspection. 

This will prevent shoddy work done by unscrupulous mechanics who swindle their clients. From references or reviews, motorists can assess the credibility of the mechanic before trusting them with the vehicle.

Service costs

For the first car service, it is vital to aggregate the service costs from the start. The first service basically involves a major one that involves the replacement of some car parts and cleansing the sensors and brake pads.

According to Autochek Africa, the major service is ideal as it lasts for six to eight months and is a cost-effective method as opposed to other types of services. 

Replacement of Shock Absorbers

After a thorough assessment is done on the car and shock absorbers are needed, motorists are advised to replace them with heavy-duty shocks. Cheap shocks work against a motorist’s advantage as they deteriorate after a year.

To increase a car’s ride height, get heavy-duty coil springs to boost the spring rate as opposed to spacers which affect the vehicle’s centre of gravity. 

Body Treatment

On certain occasions, imported cars that have overstayed onboard shipping containers may begin to develop effects caused by oxidation. In this case, motorists can buff their units using anti-oxidation rubbing compound that gives the vehicle a sparkling new look. 

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