Advantage of Manual Cars Over Automatic Cars

A collage of Manual transmission vs Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission systems have grown in popularity since their advent in the 20th century. 

The system was first widely embraced in the 1940s when automakers like General Motors, Rolls Royce, and Bentley adopted the idea. 

This system was seen as a better option than the manual transmission system which was deemed to be tiresome, and complex to understand. 

However, statistics on car sales in the world indicate that manual cars in 2015 represented at least 40%. There are specific features that explain the reason why motorists still prefer the older system and thus are yet to be obsolete. 

Greater control

Key among these features is the fact manual transmission cars accord the driver more control over the vehicle’s gears while navigating. As opposed to gears with automatic transmission systems, a driver using a manual system can switch to a lower or higher gear conveniently. 

Fuel efficiency

Further, manual transmission systems are fuel efficient compared to automatic cars.  Manual transmission systems offer better gas mileage since the driver has complete control of the car’s revolution per minute (RPMs) rate. 

An experienced manual driver can regulate the gas consumption of a car depending on acceleration behavior. 

Less Expensive

Manual transmission car models are also cheaper compared to the same brands with automatic systems. Car experts hold that there can be a price variance between cars of the same make and model, depending on whether it has a manual or automatic transmission.

In addition, manual cars have lesser complicated parts and are hence easy to produce.  

Easy to maintain

Manual systems are also less expensive to maintain. Their engines have fewer moving parts and hence do not require as much oiling and servicing. 

This gives manual transmission cars higher longevity chances or lifespan compared to the automatic.  It is also easier to repair a manual transmission engine.

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