Trans Nzoia: 14-year-old boy found dead near river, with signs of sexual assault


The body of a 14-year-old boy who appeared to have been sexually assaulted was found on Wednesday in Bondeni in Tuwan location, Trans Nzoia County.

The boy was found lying half-naked with bruises on his back. Blood was also oozing from his nostrils, mouth and anus.

Area Chief Evans Wamalwa said the boy’s body was found lying near River Nyangau by other children who had gone there to swim at around 4pm. 

It was alleged that the boy, who had just joined Kaloleni Primary School, was sexually abused before being killed. 

“I received a report from members of the public that there was a body of a young boy found lying near the river. Children who had gone to the river spotted the body and notified members of the public,” Mr Wamalwa told Nation.Africa.

“It is shocking that someone can decide to take away the life of an innocent small boy like this. This is a criminal act and we cannot describe it in any other words.”

Police are looking for the killers in the latest incident.

Trans Nzoia County Commissioner Samson Ojwang said action would be taken against the perpetrators of the heinous act.

This week, he announced the start of an operation to rid Kitale and its environs of the dreaded Bogi Mawe gang.

“Security agencies will from now henceforth begin a sting operation to root out the criminal gang Bogi Mawe harassing residents in the slum dwellings and their environs,” he said.

He also warned parents of youths involved in criminal acts that action would be taken against them if found to be shielding the criminals.

Tuwani, Matisi, Kipsongo and Kisumu Ndogo are some of the areas hit hard by mugging, robberies and rapes perpetrated the criminal gang.

The body of the boy was taken to Kitale County mortuary.

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