Makueni: Police Exhumed Body Of Man Buried In Friend’s Toilet 5 Years Ago


Police from Mukaa sub-county, in Makueni on Wednesday, July 27, exhumed the remains of a man who was allegedly killed and buried inside a toilet five years ago.

The remains of Michael Mwendwa were found inside his friend’s compound.

Residents of the quiet village were shocked to learn that the remains of Mwendwa, who went missing in 2017, had all along been in the toilet.

The exhumation was led by Mukaa Police commander Jacinta Mwirania and officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

“Our teams have today arrested the main suspect, Mr. Nzimbi Mutungi and his mother in connection with the killing,” said officer Mwirania.

”DCI will be conducting further investigations to get to the bottom of the matter,” Mwirania added.

The two – according to the police – are the main suspects in the matter.

Mr. Michael Ndiku, who is the father of the deceased, said that his family had suffered for five years.

“I lost my son in 2017, and I have been looking for him until when we got wind that he could be in this compound, and so, together with the officers we came here and found his remains,” said Mzee Ndiku.

Adding: “We have suffered for five years without knowing where our first born child had disappeared to.”

“The two were very good friends, and were going to school together. I don’t know what they may have fought over,” said Ndiku.

The incident shocked residents who milled at the suspect’s home after they saw police officers heading to the homestead – and began digging the toilet.

“Many people here in the village thought that Mwendwa was in a different town working, and that he would come back, only to wake up to this shocking news,” said Bernard Mwanzia, a resident of the village.

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