Kirinyaga: Residents Loot Alcohol At Accident Scene 

A boda boda rider was injured after ramming a Toyota Probox vehicle along the Kagio-Kutus route, in Kirinyaga County. [Photo | Courtesy]

A boda boda rider was left nursing serious injuries last night after ramming a Toyota Probox vehicle that had veered off the road along Kagio-Kutus route, in Kirinyaga County.

According to witnesses, the vehicle which was currying some beer, was overtaking another car when it collided head on with the rider who was headed in the opposite direction.

“The rider sustained serious injuries and was rushed to Kerugoya hospital, we are not sure about his state,” Peter Kinyua who witnessed the incident told Wananchi Reporting.

Angry residents broke into the vehicle after the driver ran, and carted away the alcohol. Others, however, drunk some of the alcohol right there at the scene, turning the place into a feast.

Traffic police officers from Kerugoya arrived at the scene and brought some order.

The officers cautioned residents against looting and stealing at accidents scenes as it could put their lives in danger.

“Drivers should follow traffic rules to avoid such careless accidents. It is possible the driver was drunk because he had beer in the vehicle,” said John Gicobi, also a resident.

The vehicle and motorcycle were later towed to Kerugoya police station.

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