Price Of Unga Remains Unchanged A Day After President Uhuru’s Order


A day after President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered for the reduction of prices of a 2kg packet of Unga from from Ksh.205 to Ksh.100, a spot check by showed that only one brand Jogoo, has adhered to the directive.

Citizen Digital visited four of the top supermarkets in Nairobi County to find out whether the prices of unga have been reduced.

In this review, Naivas Supermarket, Quickmart Supermarket , Eastmatt Supermarket and Carrefour Supermarket, which are the top retailers in Nairobi were sampled.

Prices of different brands of 2kg maize flour at Naivas Supermarket on Thursday Morning

  •  Jogoo – Ksh. 99
  • Ndovu – Ksh. 205
  • Soko – Ksh. 195
  • Raha- Ksh. 257

Prices of different brands of 2kg maize flour at Quickmart Supermarket on Thursday Morning

  • Amaize – Ksh. 231
  • Mama – Ksh. 193
  • Pembe – Ksh. 204
  • Soko – Ksh. 210
  • 210 Two Ten – Ksh.204

Prices of different brands of 2kg maize flour at Eastmatt Supermarket on Thursday Morning

  • Ndovu – Ksh.205
  • Cosmo – Ksh.205
  • Pembe – Ksh.204
  • Oryx – Ksh.207 

Prices of different brands of 2kg maize flour at Carrefour Supermarket on Thursday Morning

  • Jogoo- Ksh.98
  • Soko – Ksh.179

However, at Carrefour a buyer was limited to buying only two packets of the Jogoo maize meal.

On Thursday morning, Naivas Supermarket – through its social media platforms – had notified its customers that a 2kg packet of Jogoo flour will be retailing at Ksh.99. Their offer extended to cooking oil.

“Mnajua serikali imefanya ile kitu kwa bei ya unga but tunajua lazima upike mboga pia kwa hivyo tumecheza kama sisi kwa side ya mafuta. Ni unga utakujia, cooking oil au zote zote?” Naivas notified its customers.

Citizen Digital has established that the presidential order could not have taken effect immediately since majority of the retailers already had unsold stock that they purchased with the old price.

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