How to find the perfect perfume for you


Other than taking a bath to be fresh, we add different perfumes and colognes to our bodies for a better scent. Due to the many varieties of colognes and perfumes available in our shelves in varying packaging, choosing the right perfume for you can be overwhelming.

Ending up with the wrong scent can be tragic, not for you but for the people who spend time around you. This is because the manufacturers of these important accessories have many things in mind while processing them and hence end up with varieties to match different occasions. Some perfumes can be strong, sweet, fruity, floral or even spicy.

Knowing your right scent is key and this is what people get of you whenever you walk into a room. There are various ways in which you can arrive to your perfect scent. These ways include but are not limited to:

Know your body smell

We are unique in so many ways including in our body scents. Some people have strong body scents while others can barely be told, all because our bodies function differently. In order for you to arrive at the suitable fragrance for you, find out whether you have a strong bod odor or mild. This will then assist you in knowing whether to use a sweet scent or a spicy one. Sweet scents do not go well with strong body odors.

Choose the right concentration

Like said earlier, different colognes and perfumes are made for different purposes for different people. Having a concentrated fragrance may be good for you since it may last you all day. However, it could end up choking those who share space with you either in the office or elsewhere during your daily activities. Choosing a low concentration may serve you best if you are to mingle with other people.

Ask for expert opinion

While perfumes and body waters are personal, seeking expert advice saves you from spending your money on something you might end up disliking. It is always important to ask the sellers what they think you should choose and why. This way, you won’t have a long list to choose from. Be careful not to ask too many people as their opinions might end up throwing you off the track.


Most supermarket shelves that hold perfumes and colognes have testers where you can know exactly you are looking for by sniffing at the available samples. As much as you get to test different products, be careful not to overwhelm your smell sense by sniffing many perfumes. Trying three at a time is advisable since you won’t an array of get mixed scents.

Be open to choices

We once in a while stick to one product for various reasons such as the memories they hold, what they remind us and such. While selecting a new scent, it is important to leave all these projections behind and be open to new fragrances. The best way to do this is to choose a whole different scent range or from a different manufacturer. This way, you may arrive at one more self-perfume you’ll end up loving.

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