Nairobi Governor Debate: ‘I Have A Degree From Team University,’ Sakaja Maintains

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja maintained that his degree from Team University is legitimate, and has been verified locally and in Uganda, in a rebuttal to critics who questioned his academic credentials. 

Sakaja, who had indicated on Monday that he would skip the much-anticipated debate, arrived late, at least 20 minutes into it, and apologized to the panelists, saying, ‘I wanted to give my competitor a headstart.’

“I wanted to give him a headstart, amezoea kupewa nafasi ya kuongoza, no need to talk about the headstart,” Sakaja said. 

Not to miss out on punctuality jokes, Igathe retorted ‘pole, pole traffic mbaya, hiyo tutasort’. 

When the dust had settled, Sakaja was tasked with addressing the elephant in the room: his academic credentials, which have sparked heated debate both online and offline.

“Integrity is not perfection, integrity is not pontification, integrity is not saying youll not make any mistakes,” 

“That is the reason I’m here, that is why I have been gazetted, I do have all the qualifications required to run for Governor of Nairobi, including the competence and character to lead this County,”

On why the validity of his academic credentials has been such a hot topic, Sakaja alluded again to the ‘headstart’ he accuses Igathe of getting from the State. 

“Many of his political benefactors did not want me on the ballot, because they know the effect of that,” Sakaja said. 

“I have a degree from Team University, I have presented it to commissions in Uganda and here, most people say I have triet to prove too hard I have a degree, it is my detractors trying to prove too hard that I dont,” 

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